EU projects in BiH

The European Union is the single largest provider of funds and financial assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1996, the EU has invested more than 3.5 billion Euros in reconstruction, public administration reform, rule of law, sustainable economy, agriculture and other key areas in BiH.

In doing so, the EU uses a variety of financial instruments out of which the most comprehensive one is the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance or IPA. EU pre-accession funds are a sound investment into the future of both the enlargement countries and the EU itself. They help the beneficiaries make political and economic reforms, preparing them for the rights and obligations that come with EU membership. Those reforms simultaneously provide their citizens with better opportunities and allow for development of standards equal to the ones enjoyed by citizens of the EU.

To get detailed information on IPA projects and funding in BiH explore the EU projects in BiH database.

The EU also uses other instruments and programmes such as EIDHR, CARDS and other EU instruments open for BiH.

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Public Administration Reform

Justice and Home Affairs

Economy and Trade

Energy and Environment


Agriculture and Rural Development

Phytosanitary, Veterinary and Food Safety

Social Development

Democracy and Human Rights

Cross-Border Cooperation