The alignment to the EU acquis of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the transport sector needs to be advanced and transport infrastructure needs to be improved. Bosnia and Herzegovina has to implement the commitments taken under the European Common Aviation Area agreement and actively participate in the workings of the SEE-FABA (South Eastern Europe Functional Airspace Blocks Approach) initiative with a view to adopt and implement the single European sky.

Bosnia and Herzegovina needs to continue its efforts to implement the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the core transport network. There is tangible progress in implementation of particular segments of the EU transport sector directives.

Due to very expensive interventions needed to support achievement of those objectives, in particular concerning improvement of the transport infrastructure in terms of provision of the sufficient capacity, safety and the required level of services, BiH would need strong and timely assistance of the EU in this process, with the objectives to be reached in the long term period.