#NeVjerujNaPrvu is the project implemented by the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina to raise awareness about disinformation phenomena, educate general public and include journalists, editors and public personalities in debates on nature, scale and scope of online disinformation in the country.

EU Response to Disinformation Campaigns

„Notre Dame was set to fire by the aliens“, „Hitler is a failed American historical experiment“, „Landing to the moon was filmed in Hollywood studios“, „The Nazis are still in power in Ukraine“.

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How online joker became the world’s leading flags expert

If you come across the news that the Bosnia and Herzegovina flag was selected as the third most beautiful flag in the world, wait a moment before...

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Educational Platform #FactCheckingMatters (#NeVjerujNaPrvu) presented in Banja Luka and Mostar

The educational platform about disinformation phenomenon and verification of online content designed for media and the general public was presented to the journalists and the civil society representatives in Banja Luka and Mostar.

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Fact-checking in the fight against disinformation

Based on information in media, we often make important decisions and form attitudes about all sorts of things. This is why it is crucial that the...

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#NeVjerujNaPrvu android application: All about disinformation in one place

The problem of generating and spreading fake news and disinformation in BiH is more serious than many think. Media, especially those online, regularly spread information – by accident or intentionally – from other sources (i.e. news agencies, internet portals and other media) without checking facts and an intention to gain the biggest possible ratings per views/ clicks/ visits.

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Information verification for beginners

Since the dawn of information, there has been disinformation. However, certain characteristics of the information ecosystem in which we are livin...

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