#GenChange Outreach to Youth

Through this project, the EUSR aims to amplify its outreach towards the undergraduate students throughout the country (including all 8 public universities in BiH).

The first part of the project will provide an opportunity for Head of Delegation and EU Special Representative in BiH and EU Heads of Missions in BiH to engage with students in informal Chat Debates that will not only feature them, but also 2-3 youth professionals (artist, activist, entrepreneur, lawyer, human rights defenders) who are already making positive impact and change in their communities, and are relevant for the topic which is being discussed at each of the Chat Debates. Chat Debates would cover topics such as ecology, culture, tourism, entrepreneurship, impact that young BiH expats can make once they return to the country, human rights, rule of law, etc.

Besides discussing different challenges young people face in BiH, goal of these chat debates would be to build up on the existing campaign “Oduvijek u srcu Evrope” where we want to showcase positive examples and successes of young people throughout the country. In total, up to 900 students would be engaged during 6 separate Chat Debates, from 8 public Universities in BiH (University in Sarajevo, University of East Sarajevo, “Dzemal Bijedic” University of Mostar, University of Mostar, University of Banja Luka, University of Tuzla, University of Zenica, University of Bihac) and 10 Faculties throughout the country.

After Chat Debates, EUSR will select 10 teams from 10 participating Faculties to join the second phase of project – where faculties would team up in 5 teams (eg. Bihac – Mostar, Banja Luka – Tuzla, Zenica –Sarajevo,…) and join the Media Boot Camp, after which each team will produce a video that will reflect on different topics within the “Oduvijek u srcu Evrope” theme.

Project will end with a final event where the winning team is to be revealed and the winning team will get a chance to travel to Brussels.

Throughout the whole project EUSR will implement social media campaign promoting the project and its activities.