Private Sector Development

More targeted assistance to the private sector development can be expected within IPA 2011-2013 assistance whose main priorities have been defined in the current draft Multiannual indicative planning document for 2011-2013 (so called MIPD 2011-13). The assistance will be in line with the conclusion of the enlargement strategy and BiH’s obligations under the IA/SAA.

Main priorities:  to improve the regulatory framework, in particular related to SME sector development; recovery from the consequences of the economic crisis; to assist country over the long term to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the Union.

The following sector objectives have been considered for the IPA 2011-13 programming process:

  • To improve the institutional and legal framework as well as the coordination and harmonisation of SME related public policies through capacity development at State- and Entity-level.
  • To advance the implementation of the European Charter for Small Enterprises and the Small Business Act through assisting the introduction of entrepreneurship learning in secondary and vocational schools.
  • To create a better business environment, strengthen the business support infrastructure and services in particular at local level through the creation of business zones and innovation centres.
  • To increase competitiveness in growth sectors including tourism, through the introduction of EU technical standards and the development of tailored export.