EU Reportages in BiH Media

The Office of the European Union Special Representative (EUSR) in partnership with all the public broadcasters in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and a group of news web portals across the country have launched a special programme of media reports that aims to inform citizens of the country about the impact of the European integration process on issues of topical interest and quality of life, today and in the future.

Public broadcasters and news web portals with the support of the EUSR Office will produce news items on issues related to European Union (EU) integration, such as BiH Responsibilities in accordance to the Energy Community. The reports will also look at more technical issues of integration such as the need for BiH to develop an internal coordination mechanism for EU matters, National Programme of EU integration, and the priorities which must be met in order to have the country’s Stabilisation and Association Agreement put fully into force.

The news reports from the project will form part of the main news programmes of Radio-Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Radio-Television of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Radio-Television of Republika Srpska. They will be broadcasted on both radio and television. As for news web portals, news reports will be available on the following portals:,,,,,,,,, and

The reports are available below in local language.

15.03.2015 - Media freedom in Sweden (RTRS)

15.03.2015 - EU funds in Serbia (FTV)

14.03.2015 - EU culture funds (BHT)

09.03.2015 - The role of social protection system (BHT)

08.03.2015 - Consumer protection in Serbia (FTV)

01.03.2015 - New EU initiative for BiH (FTV)

28.02.2015 - Media freedom (RTRS)

22.02.2015 - Media freedom in Montenegro (BHT)

22.02.2015 - Media in BiH – freedom of access to information (FTV)

21.02.2015 - Youth unemployment (RTRS)

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