Demining and Ammunition Destruction

The main objective of the EU’s policy in the area of anti-personnel landmines is to assist countries that suffer from the presence of landmines and unexploded ordnance and to restore the conditions necessary for the security of their populations and their economic and social development. To achieve this, the European Union devoted efforts to furthering and strengthening international assistance in mine action by stimulating the implementation of the Mine Ban Treaty, by reducing the threat posed by landmines both on the ground and in stockpiles and by assisting socially, economically and medically the local populations affected and their landmine victims.

Compliance with the relevant EU legislation and agreements concerning Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) is highly desirable for the nations of the Western Balkans as they move towards further European integration. More specifically the nations of the Western Balkans should work towards full compliance with the following: The European Union (EU) Joint Action and the EU Code of Conduct for Arms Exports. The objectives of this Joint Action are to combat and contribute to ending of the destabilising accumulation and spread of small arms; to contribute to the reduction of existing accumulations of these weapons and their ammunition to levels consistent with countries’ legitimate security needs, and to help solving the problems caused by such accumulations.

Due to the age and chemical instability of the ammunition BiH is facing “a potentially significant threat to human life due to the storage conditions and the physical condition of their ammunition stockpile”.  The Interim Response Programme under the Instrument for Stability is aimed to address the threats of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) in Bosnia and Herzegovina by strengthening the government capacities and institutions to deal with ERWs and enabling destruction of remaining ERW both at the national and local levels, making communities safer and quicker to respond to incidents.