‘Life in the Union’ – Television documentaries

What is it like to live in the European Union (EU)? How easy is it for people living in the EU to start their own businesses? How different is it to study in the EU compared to studying in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)? How do consumer protection rights differ in the EU compared to those in BiH?

The answers to these and more can be found in the new television documentary series ‘Life in the Union’ on 26 television channels in BiH.

‘Life in the Union’ is produced by MITA Group on behalf of the Office of the European Union Special Representative (EUSR) in BiH, with the co-operation of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) of BiH (BHT, RTRS and FTV) and 23 regional, cantonal and local TV stations across the country.

Each of the seven episodes lasts ten minutes and focuses on EU policies and practices seen through the experiences of people from BiH and the Western Balkans region living in EU Member States.

Documentaries in the series will focus on agriculture, education, consumer protection, protection of the environment and efficient use of energy, rule of law and fight against corruption, small and medium businesses and transport.

20.05.2014 - Education

13.05.2014 - Agriculture

06.05.2014 - Small and Medium Enterprises

24.04.2014 - Consumer protection