Energy and Environment

BiH has commitments in the field of energy (namely electricity, gas, environment, renewables, energy efficiency) through the Energy Community Treaty. The country has electricity and gas legislation at entity level, but no state-level laws or energy strategies. Currently the EU is providing assistance to develop energy efficiency legislation, and continues to offer support, when there is political willingness, to approximate existing legislation to EU best practice and to develop a state-level energy strategy and gas law.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s preparation in the field of the environment and climate change is in considerable delay in terms of its current and medium term obligations towards the accession/integration process. 

The establishment of a harmonised legal framework for environmental protection, adequate institutional capacity and a functioning environmental monitoring system remain the priorities. Improvements remain to be made to horizontal and vertical communication and exchanges of information on environmental and climate change issues between all authorities. Regarding climate change, considerable efforts are required on awareness-raising, aligning with and implementing the acquis, as well as strengthening administrative capacity.

Additional support is needed to accelerate investments especially in solid waste management, access to drinking water and wastewater treatment.

IPA 2007-2011 support for the environment sector amounts to approximately 90 million EUR. Approximately 82 million EUR accounts for investments in solid waste and water/wastewater management infrastructure while 8 million EUR is dedicated to institution building in the EU acquis approximation and implementation process.