Reform of public administration with the aim to develop adequate administrative structures and capacity in the field of consumer and health protection and to obtain the professionalism and capacity required for its participation in the European Administrative Space and to ensure smooth EU integration of the health care sector at all levels have been identified as EU priorities in the sector. In addition, in the field of health statistic, cooperation between all relevant Parties focused on developing of efficient and sustainable statistical systems capable of providing comparable, reliable, objective and accurate data needed to plan and monitor the process of transition and reform of health sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina in line with European Statistical Office (EUROSTAT) and World Health Organisation (WHO) requirements.

EU assistance to the sector was provided through PHARE and OBNOVA (approx 7.4 Mio EUR), CARDS (approx. 3.4 Mio EUR), and IPA programmes (approx. 5.0 Mio EUR). After the war the assistance focused on support to establishment of state Laboratory for Drug Quality Control, post war construction/reconstruction, reform of primary health care and public health institutes. Under CARDS programme technical assistance to public administration reform of the sector, reform of primary health care, communicable diseases, pharmaceutical sector and support to entity agencies for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Health was provided.

IPA programme is focusing on continuous support to institutional capacity building, support to reform of financing of secondary health care, support to harmonisation of data collection in health sector with EUROSTAT requirements and development of sets of health indicators of population in line with European practices and WHO requirements.