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Ambassador Johann Sattler is the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina and is the European Union Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina as of 1 September 2019.

He returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019, having been posted to Sarajevo and Tirana as part of European Community Monitoring Mission back in 1997. More recently, he was the Austrian Ambassador to Albania.

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Joint Op-Ed on the occasion of the World Environment Day: “We can and must do better for the environment”

The recent floods across Bosnia and Herzegovina are a stark reminder of the consequences of inaction in the face of clim...

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Blog by the EU HoD/EUSR in BiH, Ambassador Johann Sattler: „World Press Freedom Day 2023: The picture for media freedom in BiH remains challenging“

It is said that the author Margaret Atwood, whose book ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ has become iconic in popular culture ...

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Blog by the EU Head of Delegation/EU Special Representative in BiH: “Progress is within reach”

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country where any talk of optimism about the future is frequently dismissed. Opinion polls reveal a profound pessimism about the future, born of many years of missed opportunities, toxic and divisive political rhetoric and standards of living that are falling behind those of neighbouring countries.

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Joint op-ed by the EU Head of Delegation/EU Special Representative in BiH Johann Sattler and Ambassador of Sweden in BiH, Johanna Strömquist: “Everyone wins with cleaner energy”

From an energy production point of view, Bosnia and Herzegovina is blessed. With a sunny south, mountains that get plent...

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Joint op-ed by the EU Head of Delegation/EU Special Representative in BiH and the EU Heads of Mission in BiH: “Joy today, work tomorrow”

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a special place in all our hearts. Bosnia and Herzegovina has also been at the heart of Europ...

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You have good reasons not to care about politics – but this also means you should vote!

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, all too often, you hear the words, “I do not care about politics”. And indeed there is much to dislike and reject ...

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