Take initiative

EUSR has launched a countrywide public dialogue with local communities to promote a better public understanding of reforms and increase the reach of the EU’s messages among local level stakeholders and citizens.

The project includes visits to the local communities throughout the country and public dialogue/town hall debates with local communities under the slogan ‘prEUzmi inicijativu’. Thematic regional experts from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro will be engaged by the project to share the experience of their countries and lessons learned in the EU accession process. The project will also engage experts from BiH.

Events are attended by around 100 people, including representatives of the business community, farmers, civil society organisations, students, as well as other stakeholders. At the debates, they are able to discuss their needs and concerns in relation to the challenges and opportunities of the EU accession process.

5th Debate on Local Development held in Gradiška

The participants also used the opportunity to talk with local, regional and international experts on other topics that can improve business climate, bring investors and solve local infrastructure problems.

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Third debate on local development in Derventa

More than a hundred of local entrepreneurs, officials, local and regional experts, high school and university students and representatives of ci...

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The first debate on local development in Gračanica

This is the first in the series of 14 debates that European Union Special Representative (EUSR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina is organising in municipalities across the country.

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