#NeVjerujNaPrvu is the project implemented by the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina to raise awareness about disinformation phenomena, educate general public and include journalists, editors and public personalities in debates on nature, scale and scope of online disinformation in the country.

Are you financing fake news?

With each click, comment, or share of content from anonymous portals and pages, you are directly contributing to their profit making scheme. What seemingly humorous and entertaining Facebook pages often hide are so-called "click farms".

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How to identify fake content on the internet for beginners

While scrolling down the infinite Facebook or Twitter newsfeeds, it is often difficult to differentiate between what is real and what is fake. Th...

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Media literacy or really understanding media

With professional journalism struggling for survival and the quality, media literacy is becoming increasingly important skill for all citizens

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Night in the third class section of “Titanic”, or – what is the real price of disinformation?

The fact that throughout the whole day the crew had been receiving alarming reports over the radio of massive icebergs that were floating significantly south of the line, common for that time of year, was of little help. At 23:40 on the 14th of April 1912, the passenger liner "Titanic", the largest ever built, crashed into one of them, with all of its force of 30,000 horsepower and 50,000 tons of steel. In just a few seconds, the razor-sharp edge of the iceberg slashed a gaping hole in the hull to a length of almost a hundred metres, sealing the fate of the ship that was called "The Unsinkable".

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#NeVjerujNaPrvuproject presents digital educational platform tackling disinformation

During the presentation, the project team also presented the brochure “Content Verification for Beginners: how to verify accuracy of online inf...

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Photo-forensics and needles in a haystack

Each of us has heard a well-known formula according to which a picture is worth a thousand words. However, in the era of Photoshop, it seems appropriate to ask the following question: can one picture lie as much as a thousand words?

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