#NeVjerujNaPrvu is the project implemented by the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina to raise awareness about disinformation phenomena, educate general public and include journalists, editors and public personalities in debates on nature, scale and scope of online disinformation in the country.

Manipulative statistics and pseudoscience

Common sense is our strongest ally when it comes to combating disinformation, but we should be particularly careful with data since numbers, quotes, methodology, samples, sources, statistics – they can easily convince you that a lie is in fact the truth.

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How disinformation manages our emotions

Fake news factories are also factories of emotions, in which our feelings, through simple technology, are converted into dollars and euros, or ev...

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Click-baits as a way to manipulate and earn quick money

Click-baits are bombastic headlines with purpose to “bait” the attention of the audience, but have no grounds in the text, as they promise a content that does not exist. The purpose of such headlines is to get more money by having more clicks.

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‘Scandalous’ headlines a source of profit for unprofessional portals

One of the prerequisites of good and professional online media is their openness about their ownership, editorial staff and authors of the conten...

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The first EU media workshop on digital tools for credible reporting held in Bijeljina

“Digital technologies are advancing every day and it seems almost impossible to keep track with these changes. Individuals committed to manipulating information and spreading disinformation seem to always be step ahead of us, journalists” Anisa Mahmutovic, a journalist from RTV Sapna, said at the beginning of the workshop organized as part of the EU project educating journalists and general public on digital media trends.

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