OHR’s Statement at the International Agency’s Joint Press Conference in Mostar

High Representative in Mostar

I will use this opportunity to inform you of the High Representative’s
activities related to the Old Bridge Opening Ceremony.

On Thursday, July 22 the High Representative will participate as one of the
speakers at the Mostar 2004 Symposium organized by the Mostar Fund. We will have
more details on how journalists will be able to get details on this speech

On the Ceremony Day, the High Representative and Mr.
Chris Patten, European Union External Relations Commissioner, will take part in
the “Two-way street” the project of



Media will be able to cover this event. It starts at
hours, on Friday, July 23, in the “Blue Room” of
Hotel Ero.

hours, the High
Representative will join the main program organized by the BiH Presidency.

Commenting the upcoming opening ceremony as major reconciliation step in
Mostar and BiH the High Representative has said that – “the



is an important symbol but it must be underpinned by unification of the divided
institutions. The new Statute introduces genuinely single administration, and a
single Budget, two, which will give Mostar, needed services. The new structure
brings best chance to use most of the value out of the taxpayers’ money and is
reducing chance for the public money not to be waster.”

That is all from OHR.