OHR’s Statement at the International Agency’s Joint Press Conference

High Representative meets Law Enforcers in Trebinje

The High Representative, Paddy Ashdown, is on the second day of his two-day
visit to Trebinje today. This morning he met with the Director of the Trebinje
region SBS, and the Chief of the local police to discuss security issues in the
area. Also today the High Representative will visit Ivanica border crossing.
Prospects for upgrading of the Ivanica-Brgat border crossing, which will have a
significant effect on trade and the regions economy, are being developed.

Trebinje’s specific location with three 3 international borders
running a length of 200 kilometres means that patrolling this is going to be a
difficult job for law enforcement agencies.

The High Representative will highlight that co-operation between the Police
and SBS in this area must be at it’s most effective if organized crime and the
illegal trafficking of goods is to be effectively tackled.