OHR’s Statement at the International Agency’s Joint Press Conference

High Representative’s Visit to Zagreb

The High Representative, Paddy Ashdown, is meeting Croatian Prime Minister
Ivo Sanader today in Zagreb. This meeting forms part of the regular meetings,
which the High Representative has with government leaders in the region.
Discussions will cover the efforts being made by Bosnia and Herzegovina and the
Republic of Croatia to move towards Euro-Atlantic integration.

On Wednesday the High Representative will visit Budapest, where he will
deliver a speech on European Security and Defence Policy at a conference
organised by the French and British Embassies in Budapest.


PDHR Hays Addresses Mayors from Tuzla Region

The Principal Deputy High Representative, Donald Hays, is taking part at a
Mayors’ Forum in Tuzla today, where he will emphasise the crucial importance of
seizing the opportunities that have been opened by the direct election of Mayors
in BiH. The new intake of Mayors enjoy a popular mandate that brings with it new
possibilities and new opportunities. If this mandate is used with common sense,
creativity and determination, the mayors will be able to launch a “quiet
revolution” that can start delivering the services that the citizens of a modern
democratic state have a right to expect.


PDHR to visit BiH Cerebral Palsy Association

Tomorrow morning Ambassador Hays, will visit the Cerebral Palsy Association’s
premises in Grbavica.

Some of you may know this facility. It’s a café and gym and it’s run on a
commercial basis for members of the general public, while the facilities are
also used for physiotherapy by people suffering from cerebral palsy.

Ambassador Hays will be briefed on the financial and administrative
provisions for services to the handicapped provided by the BiH authorities. He
will meet the President of the Cerebral Palsy Association, Nevenko Novotni, and
Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister Denis Zvizdic and Cantonal Health Minister Zehra

Journalists are invited to cover this event, which will highlight the
predicament of citizens who are most in need, yet who are obliged to put up with
very limited services because of the inefficient revenue gathering and fund
allocation systems that exist in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Media Advisory later


SDHR Wnendt to Discus Local Community Development

The Senior Deputy High Representative, Werner Wnendt, will visit Srebrenica,
Visegrad, Gorazde and Foca on 8 and 9 December. Ambassador Wnendt will meet
local community representatives and discuss ways in which civil society can be
strengthened and local government can be made more efficient. Ambassador Wnendt
will visit a returnee village, Dubiste, and a milk factory and Land Registry
Office in Gorazde. A Media Advisory covering details of this event will be
issued today.