Transcript of the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference


OSCE, Mersiha Causevic

EUPM, Alun Roberts

EUFOR, Ltc Bridget Rose

NATO HQ, Derek Chappell



Press Conference this afternoon

The High Representative, Paddy Ashdown, today hold an extra-ordinary press
conference. The Press Conference will be held here today at 14.00 – and no I
won’t be speculating about the topic or the content of this press conference;
you will have to come along at 14.00.

New PDHR Larry Butler

As PDHR Larry Butler, under the HR’s guidance, will continue to be
responsible for economic reform issues. In addition the PDHR will also guide the
Rule of Law department in initiatives to create a criminal, civil and commercial
legal environment conducive to economic development and European integration.
Ambassador Butler will also be the OHR’s liaison with the NATO office in BiH.
Many of you called yesterday requesting interviews with the new PDHR. Ambassador
Butler will not be giving interviews immediately but we will keep any bids
received on file and contact you when he starts to give interviews.



No statement for today.



No statement for today.



NATO Contributes to Indonesian Disaster Relief

At the ceremony in



on 25 March, NATO
officially handed over ownership of emergency bridge building equipment destined
for disaster relief in


to the

Kingdom of


. Dutch forces have
arranged for immediate transportation of this urgently needed equipment to
Bandah Aceh province where it will be used to repair the tsunami damaged

These bridges were formally used for emergency replacement of damaged
structures in
Bosnia and Herzegovina

after the war. They will now be
used to reopen vital roads to relief supplies and reconstruction material.

This highly specialised equipment is valued at over six million Euros. It is
designed for fast repair of damaged bridges and can be disabled and re
constructed in new locations as the rebuilding process evolves.

NATO is pleased to use its multi national capabilities and resources to
assist in this humanitarian emergency and we recognise the generosity of the
Government of the
Netherlands in
arranging for transportation from
Croatia to



As the summer approaches, EUPM continues to follow the work of the police in
regard to ensuring security for returnees. Although incidents concerning
returnees are these days quite small EUPM is following two quite serious
incidents  effecting returnees in the
Tuzla area, which are being
investigated by local police. On 22nd and 23rd March two
houses, properties of returnees were set on fire by unknown perpetrators. Nobody
was injured as the houses were un-occupied at the tie. Both were lightly
damaged. Then last week on 17 March was a report of a physical assault on an
elderly Serb couple in the


, close to Kalesije also in the


area. The family is one of ten
who have returned to the village.

EUPM is in contact with local police, who are investigation both incidents.

We would like to inform you that on Wednesday, 30 March
, a ceremony of official hand
over of “Krimo-Lovci” crime hotline, from EUPM to SIPA will take place in the
premises of the SIPA HQ, Adema Buce 102,

On that occasion, a public campaign of this specific phone line shall be
promoted. The phone line shall serve the citizens and enable them to give
information on war crimes’ suspects, locations of mass grave, crimes of
terrorism, illegal trafficking in drugs etc.

Representatives of international organisations and institutions of BiH shall
address you at the press conference.

We are  inviting you to attend
the press conference on Wednesday, 30 March at 09:30.

Third point concerns the ongoing series of public debates to inform the
public on the issues about police restructuring. This week EUPM with our
colleagues from OHR will be presenting information to police and the public in
the following three municipalities:

Zvornik, Tuesday, 29 March – Town Hall


, Wednesday, 30 March
– National Theatre

Teslic, Thursday, 31 March – Kardigal Hotel.


No questions for today.