OHR’s Statement at the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference in Mostar

High Representative Welcomes “Krimo-lovci” Hotline

This morning in


the State Investigation
and Protection Agency (SIPA) took on the management of the “Krimo-lovci” hotline
from the European Union Police mission (EUPM).

The High Representative attended the session,and welcomed it as yet another
example of BiH’s institutions successfully taking ownership and greater
responsibility in assuring a European future for BiH.

Enforcing the rule of law is crucial if BiH is to secure a future in
Euro-Atlantic structures. It is worth noting that SIPA, responsible for
investigating BiH’s most serious crimes, has successfully merged all such
hotlines in to one – providing a single number to call from anywhere in BiH if
you have information on anything from street crime to organised crime, the
location of mass graves or persons indicted for war crimes. SIPA is tasked with
co-ordinating crime fighting efforts across BiH making it the ideal institution
to take on this task.

The “Krimo-lovci” hotline has received over 100,000 calls since it’s
inception a little over a year ago. All calls are anonymous and treated in the
strictest confidence. EUPM will continue to monitor the functioning of the
“Krimo-lovci” hot line. Those of you interested in more details should contact
the SIPA or EUPM Press Offices.


SDHR visits Mostar

The Senior Deputy High Representative, Werner Wnendt, will visit Mostar on
Thursday 31 March, where he will meet the Mostar Mayor, Ljubo Beslic, and
President of the City Council Murat Coric.

A press conference with Ambassador Wnendt, Mayor Beslic, and the President of
the City Council Coric will be held at

12:00 on
Thursday 31 March

at the City