OHR’s Statement at the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference in Banja Luka

OHR and OSCE urge MoIs to contribute to

“Ministries of Interior need to be ready to help those who have not
yet obtained the CIPS ID, by deploying mobile teams before closure of voter
registration on 17 August. Ministries of Interior must be
prepared to use their resources in cooperation with CIPS centres and the
BiH Election Commisison, to ensure that the Passive Voter
Registration system is a success” said Senior Deputy High
Representative Peter Bas Backer.

The SDHR met yesterday in


with the representatives
of the RS Ministry of Interior and the Cantonal Ministries of Interior
in order to encourage them to put maximum effort into the preparation of the
Passive Voter Registration (PVR) system. 

The OHR and the OSCE want to emphasize that the successful
implementation of PVR is not only the responsibility of the Central Election
Commission and the CIPS Directorate, but also depends on serious engagement of
other institutions  in  order to ensure  that accurate
voter data is collected.

“At the elections in October the electorate will be choosing those who
will run this country: transformation of OHR makes these elections perhaps the
most important since the DPA was signed,” said Bas Backer.

Swift and efficient communication among relevant authorities such as
Ministries of Interior, Centers for Voter Registration and municipal
authorities is vital for updating the central voter register

OSCE and OHR expect BiH’s MoI to support this project in order
to ensure the success of the coming elections and to
strengthen democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina .