Statement by Chris Bennett, Director of Communications at the Press Conference on Pre-Election Public Information Campaign

Chris Bennett, Director of

Good morning. Thanks for coming this morning at relatively short notice.

We have invited you here today to give you a preview of
the spots that will be running on television throughout
Bosnia and Herzegovina

in the run-up to the 1 October
elections within an OHR public information campaign.

I am presenting the spots and not Christian Schwarz-Schilling because the
High Representative/EU Special Representative features in one of them and he is
too modest to present it himself.

As you can see, he has, nevertheless, decided to be present in the audience,
to gauge your reactions no doubt.

The campaign has three aims.

The first is to raise awareness of the changes in the international presence
Bosnia and Herzegovina

and in particular the closure of
the Office of the High Representative.

The second is to raise awareness of the importance of the elections. Since
the OHR is closing, the individuals and parties elected on 1 October will have
to take responsibility for this country’s future, a future that is in

And the third aim is to encourage as much of the electorate as possible to
vote. Anyone choosing not to vote, is allowing others to make decisions about
his or her future and the pace at which this country will advance towards

So, without further ado, let’s see the spots.



It runs fast. But our target audience is in particular the under-35s who are
statistically least likely to vote.

Perhaps you’d like to see it again.


“Vote for those who will ensure stability and decent life for all in
Bosnia and

Just don’t ask me who to vote for.

And now the second spot.


And once again.


“Don’t let others decide in your name!”


I hope you enjoyed watching them.

In addition to the TV spots, you should be aware that there are two radio
jingles and two press advertisements, all on the same theme.

The campaign will run between 14 and 29 September
. The television spots will appear on
stations – BHT1, FTV, RT RS, TV Pink, and OBN – as well as the Mreza +
network. The radio jingles will run on some 40 stations across

Bosnia and Herzegovina

and the press ads will appear in
all the main newspapers and magazines.