Transcript of the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

OHR, Oleg Milisic

EUFOR, Nicholas Foster




HR/EUSR inBerlin

The High Representative and EU Special Representative, Christian
Schwarz-Schilling, is in


today on the last day of a
two-day visit to


advance of this week’s meeting of the Political Directors of the Peace
Implementation Council’s Steering Board.

Germany will
be holding the EU Presidency in the first half of 2007. This six-month period
will be especially important because it is the last six months of the Office of
the High Representative, during which time the presence of the EU Special
Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be strengthened.

The High Representative/EU Special Representative will be meeting with
Norbert Lammert, the Speaker of the German Parliament, this afternoon to discuss
the possibilities of creating a bilateral parliamentary friendship group
involving parliamentarians from both Bosnia and
Germany. A
friendship group already exists between German parliamentarians and their peers
in Southeast Europe, but not specifically with
Bosnia and

Yesterday, Mr Schwarz-Schilling met with Foreign Ministry and Chancellery
officials, including Christoph Heusgen, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s senior
foreign policy adviser, and Emily Haber, the diplomat responsible for relations
with Southeast Europe.

The High Representative/EU Special Representative briefed on the outcome of
the 1 October elections in

Bosnia and Herzegovina

, progress in coalition-building and
prospects for fulfilling Stabilisation and Association Agreement requirements.
He stressed the need to restore momentum to the reform process, especially
police and constitutional reform, now that the elections are over.

German officials expressed their support for Mr Schwarz-Schilling’s policy on
transition and welcomed the strengthening of the EU Special Representative’s
presence in Bosnia and



Dangers of weapons and ammunition : EUFOR appeals for assistance from
the Citizens of BiH

During the last months and weeks, accidents involving the public, and in
particular children, have occurred due to the presence of unsecured, surplus
weapons and munitions.   EUFOR offers its sincerest sympathy to those
who have lost relatives and we hope that those who have been injured make a full
and quick recovery.   Such incidents highlight the danger posed by
weapons and ammunition that are retained within local civil communities.

Holding of unlicensed weapons, ammunition, mines or explosives is illegal.
The majority of weapons and munitions EUFOR recovers are old and in poor
condition.  They present a life-threatening hazard to anyone, especially
children, that find or handle them.

As part of the mandate to maintain a Safe and Secure environment EUFOR,
through its HARVEST OPERATIONS, continues in its efforts to recover ammunition
and weaponry held in homes and hidden in the countryside.  We appeal to
everyone in the local communities to notify us of hidden weapons, or to hand in
ammunition and small arms to either EUFOR or the local Police collection points,
for its safe disposal and to prevent unnecessary accidents or future loss of