OHR’s Statement at the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

HR-EUSR meets BiH Presidency

The High Representative and EU Special Representative,
Christian Schwarz-Schilling, is meeting today with the three members ofBosnia and Herzegovina ’s collective Presidency.

Mr Schwarz-Schilling is using this meeting to congratulate the Presidency on

Bosnia and Herzegovina

’s accession to NATO’s Partnership
for Peace, to brief the Presidency on the recent meeting of the Peace
Implementation Council in

and to discuss government formation.

On PfP membership, the High Representative and EU Special Representative will
make clear that if
and Herzegovina

wishes to take its relationship
with NATO further and eventually to join the


as a member, full
implementation of the agreed defence reforms and further ICTY cooperation will
be necessary.

On the Brussels meeting of

PIC Political
Directors, the High Representative and EU Special Representative will stress the
importance of those reforms – in particular police restructuring – necessary for
concluding a Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the European Union, as
well as fiscal sustainability and the establishment of a functional state.

In terms of the OHR’s transition to EUSR, Mr Schwarz-Schilling will draw
attention to the fact that Political Directors had noted some areas of concern,
that they would be carefully monitoring and assessing the situation and that the
decision on the closure of the OHR would be reviewed and confirmed in

Concerning government formation, Mr Schwarz-Schilling will make clear that
the fact that a government is yet to be formed at the State level is
unacceptable. He will also urge the Presidency, as the only functioning
State-level institution, to take the initiative to bring together the parties to
build coalitions and form a government.


CEFTA Signing Places BiH at Heart of Emerging Southeast European

Today in Bucharest a single Free
Trade Agreement for the whole of South Eastern Europe
will be signed – and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be one of the signatories.

Bosnia and Herzegovina‘s accession to the Central European
Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), after seven months of difficult negotiations, is
another major step forward in the country’s recovery and integration in

The OHR would like to congratulate the BiH authorities and the chief
negotiator, Deputy Foreign Minister Anton Rill, for their professional and
robust approach to these negotiations, characterised by a clear and sustained
focus on the desired end result, namely securing for this country a place at the
heart of an emerging economic region that can deliver rapid growth and
prosperity to its 55 million inhabitants.

BiH Prime Minister Adnan Terzic will be joined at the signing ceremony by the
Prime Ministers of Albania,












and the

former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

, and the Special Representative of
the UN Secretary General on behalf of Kosovo.

Today’s event will also be attended by Stability Pact Special Coordinator
Erhard Busek, Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn and a representative of the
Finnish Presidency of the European Union.


HR-EUSR Calls on Council of Ministers To Agree Review Process With

The High Representative and EU Special Representative (HR-EUSR), Christian
Schwarz-Schilling, today calls on the Government of Bosnia and
Herzegovina to
communicate its decision to set up a review committee for the police
certification process to the United Nations in New York.

The Government of Bosnia and


an obligation under international law to implement the decisions of the
UN-mandated International Police Task Force Mission in

Bosnia and

. The Council of Ministers must
ensure that
Bosnia and

– through it’s actions – does not
put itself outside the international legal framework created by the United

“I have worked intensively to persuade the United Nations to agree to a
review process and have some sympathy for the non-certified police,” said the
HR-EUSR today, “However,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

must also be aware of its
obligations under international law and behave accordingly”.

Mr Schwarz-Schilling has written to inform the United Nations of the latest
developments in
Bosnia and Herzegovina

and the increasing criticism of the
lack of UN flexibility on this issue.