OHR’s Statement at the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference in Banja Luka

SDHR Bas-Backer Meeting with RS
Prime Minister, Milorad Dodik

As you know, the Special Deputy High Representative Peter
Bas-Backer is today completing his two-day visit to

Banja Luka

. As we speak, he is meeting with RS Prime Minister,
Milorad Dodik. Topics on the agenda of today’s meeting include education reform,
PBS reform and the importance of passage of the outstanding education
legislation at the state level.

At the meeting, Ambassador Bas-Backer
will make clear the concerns of the international community with the latest
developments regarding BHTV 1, given the fact that freedom of the media and
freedom of expression are two of the fundamental rights essential for free and
pluralistic democracy.

He will also be discussing the issue of
the state property in BiH. This issue also featured prominently in Prime
Minister Nikola Spiric’s presentation to the BiH House of Representatives. You
would recall that he said that: “The implementation of the Agreement on
Succession of Property and regulation of the status of the state property would
be one of the priorities of the new State Government.”

The OHR finds this statement very
encouraging, especially PM Spiric’s call for more support to the work of the
Commission for State Property. The OHR is more than ready to support BiH
authorities in this task.