Transcript of the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

OHR, Mario Brkic

ICTY, Matias Hellman

EUFOR, Neil Mathieson



Srebrenica Municipality Resolution Unconstitutional

The OHR has reviewed the Resolution on Separation of the Srebrenica Municipality from the RS, adopted by the Srebrenica Municipal Assembly on 24 March.

The resolution adopted by Bosniak members of the municipal assembly is a legal act which exceeds the responsibilities of the municipality as defined by the RS Constitution and the RS Law on Local Self Government and the Municipal Statute.

Institutions at the various levels of Government have the capacity to address the situation and should do so without delay.

The OHR is particularly concerned about the threat to unilaterally pass a decision on separation of the Municipality from the RS. If the municipal assembly were to act on this, the HR would have no choice but to take robust action.

The PIC on 13 March underlined that the Dayton Peace Agreement, the competencies of the institutions of BiH, its entities and its municipalities, which are governed by the constitutions and relevant laws of BiH and its Entities must be respected by all in BiH.

Any change to Srebrenica’s status is a matter for the RS and BiH Authorities

The OHR will be informing the Municipal, Entity and BiH authorities of its view on this matter.

HR to Visit Mostar

High Representative and EU Special Representative, Christian Schwarz-Schilling, will visit Mostar tomorrow and discuss progress of the process of unification of the City of Mostar with the Mayor, Ljubo Beslic, City Council President, Murat Coric as well with caucuses’ representatives.

HR/EUSR will underline that Mostar political leaders are those who need to turn around the fortunes of Mostar. Assisting them along that process is one thing but doing job for them is quite another.

Fostering a climate of ownership is something that Mostar needs. Part of this process is to learn that criticizing of IC, as a cover for insufficient progress, without full domestic engagement will not solve the problem as this is not the core of the problem. Core of the problem and what needs to be embraced is to learn to compromise as compromise and dialogue are essence of real politics.

During his visit HR will also visit Mostar Gymnasium and United world College and Mostar Fair. More details on media agenda of this visit will follow during the day.

FBiH Government formation

Just to give you an update on FBiH Government formation. We understand that SBiH has sent a letter with new proposal for MoI candidate to FBiH President. We are waiting formal notification from the Office of the FBiH President and we are ready to commence the vetting process immediately.


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Journalist #1:

What exactly is meant by “robust action”, which the OHR will take if the threat to unilaterally pass a decision on the separation of the Srebrenica Municipality from the RS is acted upon?

OHR, Mario Brkic:

We would rather not go into the details at this time. 

Journalist #2:

You said that the Resolution is a legal act which exceeds the responsibilities of the municipality. Does this mean that you consider the act to be legally invalid?

OHR, Mario Brkic:

Yes, we consider it to be a violation of the Constitution.