Maglaj high school rehabilitation enters final stage of flood damage repair

The EU-financed works on the rehabilitation of the “Mješovita srednja škola” in Maglaj, which was damaged in the floods in May, are entering the final stage. The cabinets on the ground and first floor are ready with brand new interiors, the heating system is in place and new furniture, and teaching materials have arrived. The renewal of indoor and outdoor carpentry and installations, as well as painting of classrooms are the only remaining tasks before the school bell signals the start of classes. “I hope we will succeed. The works are now being finalised and I hope that all preconditions, safety in particular, will be met to get kids back to school on 29 September,” underlines School Director Ermin Tanković.
Mahir Čamdžić, in his dual role as a parent and construction worker, agrees that safety of children comes first, noting: “Regardless of how long this extended summer break takes, I have no doubt that the teachers will ensure a good quality programme for the children to catch up.”
The rehabilitation in the value of 850.000 KM has been financed by the European Union’s Floods Recovery Programme. “We are sincerely thankful to the EU for this financial assistance which will enable 1010 teenagers to either begin or to continue with their education,” adds Tanković.
While visiting the High School in Maglaj, EU staff crossed paths with a TV Maglaj crew on a mission to keep citizens informed of the new developments in town. Meeting journalist Nejra Bradarić, who experienced and reported about the floods, raised the question about the overall pace of the EU-led rehabilitation works in the Maglaj region. “It helped a lot that the legally stipulated procedure for selection of contractors was shortened to the maximum possible extent. This is what allowed for works to be launched within the shortest time possible, and they are progressing well,” explains Bradarić.
The European Union is investing approximately 2.2 million KM in the rehabilitation of schools in Maglaj, and an additional 2 million  KM in rehabilitation of the health care centre, kindergarten and the municipal building . “Maglaj is one of the municipalities which suffered dreadful damages in the May floods. The rehabilitation of infrastructure in Maglaj and assistance with the restoration of critical infrastructure and essential services were considered as priorities, as they contribute to the normalisation of life,” says Andy McGuffie, Spokesperson of the EU Delegation to BiH/EU Special Representative Office.

The Floods Recovery Programme is worth 43.52 million Euro, out of which EU co-finances 42.24 million Euro to help affected communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Programme is implemented by UNDP, UNICEF and IOM.

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