Public call for participating in rehabilitation and restoration of commercial agricultural production of table eggs through the EU Floods Recovery Programme

Through its Economic Recovery component, the EU Floods Recovery Programme will provide grants to individuals who have suffered property damage as a result of May 2014 floods, with the aim of helping them recover their economic standing in selected local administration units (Odžak, Domaljevac-Šamac, Orašje, Šamac, Vukosavlje, Distrikt Brčko).

The EU Floods Recovery Programme will support the reinstatement and rehabilitation of table egg production in selected local administration units specified below. The aim of this intervention is to partly regenerate the basic flock in farms engaged in egg production, which suffered damage as a result of May 2014 floods.

Each selected user will receive the following:

  1. Up to 1,500 eighteen-week-old egg-laying hens, depending on the facility’s capacity.

The applicant is expected to provide the following:

a) A facility to accommodate the egg-laying hens with all the necessary equipment. The facility must be in a good state of repair and of sufficient size to accommodate the specified number of   hens. If the facility already has egg-laying hens in it, it must be spacious enough to accommodate an additional 1,500 egg-laying hens that will be awarded through this project. If the facility cannot receive additional 1,500 egg-laying hens, UNDP may approve allocation of fewer hens.

b) A facility to store feed for egg-laying hens which is in a good state of repair. The applicant should provide appropriate space (dry, closed, well-ventilated, etc.) for the storage of feed for egg-laying hens.

The selected applicant shall sign a contract with UNDP which will define his/her rights and obligations with regard to the grant.

The call is open to all individuals who meet the general and additional criteria and are ready to provide the above requested items.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Eligible to apply are the individuals who were or are engaged in agricultural production and live in the following local administration units: Odžak, Domaljevac-Šamac, Orašje, Šamac, Vukosavlje and Brčko District.

  1. b) Individuals who meet the requirements are invited to submit their applications, including all required supporting documents as specified below, no later than 22 June 2015 by 14:00 hours. All applications should be sent to or directly to one of the UNDP offices:
  •             Sarajevo: Zmaja od Bosne bb (UN House)
  •             Brčko: Bulevar Mira 1 (Brčko District Government building)

Applications that are submitted directly must be enclosed in a sealed envelope addressed to “EU Floods Recovery Programme – public call for commercial producers of table eggs”.

For additional information and clarification during the application submission period, applicants can send questions, inquiries and requests directly in writing by fax at: +387 33 552 330, or by e-mail at:


Guidelines for applicants and application form