Winners of the #MojaBiH photo-competition awarded

Awards presented to the winners of the photo-competition #MojaBiH.

Iman Karisik, Affan Kaknjo, Filip Blazic and students from the Novi Seher Elementary School are the winners of the #MojaBiH photo-competition in four different categories. Their photos showed how they see Bosnia and Herzegovina, its people, and its natural beauty but also the challenges faced by our country.

The competition was open to young BiH citizens from 6 to 25 years of age.  Over 100 photos were submitted from all over the country, with different themes from tradition and culture to food and landscape.

One of the award-winning authors is Filip Blazic from East Sarajevo with the photo “Bosnia and Herzegovina Beatles” showing the Military Orchestra of the Armed Forces of BiH during the diploma awards ceremony honouring a new generation of soldiers.

“It was a foggy morning, a perfect setup for photography. Sometimes all you have to do is wait for the right moment to make a perfect piece of art“, Blazic said.

The #MojaBiH photo-competition was organised under the auspices of the Embassy of Italy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the EU Delegation to BiH, the OSCE Mission to BiH, and UNICEF in BiH, to highlight the importance of photography and art in expanding the values of respect and tolerance. Through this competition, young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina have been given the opportunity to express their own creativity by presenting to their peers and adults all the beauty, potential, values and challenges of a country going through the process of European Union integration.

Nicola Minasi, the Italian Ambassador to BiH, stated that this was a way for young people to be encouraged to contribute to BiH’s accession to the European Union, bearing in mind that they are the ones who will be the protagonists in the European Union.

“By creating a better society in the future, the young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina can open the doors of the European Union”, said the Ambassador.

Gianluca Vannini, Head of the Department for Social Development, Civil Society and Cross-Border Cooperation in the EU Delegation to BiH, observed that one of the strategic goals of this Department is to involve young people in the many available EU programs that will enable them to travel and study, as well as to more easily find employment in BiH. He expressed satisfaction with the excellent response from young people to this competition and the quality of the photos received.

“I believe and can see how young people are proud of their country. These photographs show not only their closeness to their own country and its traditions, but also the high intelligence and sharpness of their minds in observing the values of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Vannini stated.

After the awards ceremony, which was held in the EU Info Centre, a discussion was held, focusing on the role of youth in building Bosnia and Herzegovina’s future on the European integration path and the necessity for BiH to invest in its future generations.