Climate change: Council adopts EU long-term strategy for submission to the UNFCCC

The Council today adopted the EU’s long-term low greenhouse gas emission development strategy on behalf of the EU and its member states. This will now be forwarded to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as required by the Paris Agreement.

The EU’s strategy recalls the full commitment of the EU and its member states to the Paris Agreement and its long-term goals. It refers to the endorsement by the European Council, as reflected in the conclusions of its meeting of 12 December 2019, of the objective of achieving a climate-neutral EU by 2050. By agreeing and delivering on ambitious social and economic transformation, the EU and its member states are aiming to inspire global climate action and demonstrate that moving towards climate neutrality is not only imperative but also feasible and desirable.

Individual member states are also required to prepare their own national strategies for submission to the UNFCCC. The EU urges all parties to the Paris Agreement to communicate their strategies by 2020 in accordance with the Paris Agreement.