Coronavirus: EU mobilises further help for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Following requests for assistance via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the EU is coordinating and co-financing the delivery of aid shipments in the EU and in neighbouring countries. Austria is sending gloves, disinfectant and other items to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This virus knows no borders and working together is the only way we can stop it. I am grateful to Austria for its gestures of European solidarity. Our Emergency Response Coordination Centre continues working 24/7 to support EU Member States and our closest friends,” commented Janez Lenarčič, Commissioner for Crisis Management

Bosnia and Herzegovina will receive 1500 blankets, 1000 bedding sets (single use), 500 Hygiene parcels , 2000 packages of examination gloves (circa 200.000 pieces), 500 packages examination gloves XL for a total of about 50.000 pieces, 3.360 litres of hand disinfectant in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) Standard on 4 intermediate bulk containers.

This is part of overall EU support to the country and the whole Western Balkans region, which includes assistance also for social and economic recovery.

More information on the EU Civil Protection Mechanism is available here.​