Women, Peace and Security: Statement by the High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell on the 20th anniversary of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325

On the 20th anniversary of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, we celebrate a turning point in the way the international community has approached peace and security and, more specifically, the impact of conflict on women and girls. Their unique experiences are crucial in peace-building and peacekeeping processes. There is no real peace and security without them.

The EU has been a staunch proponent of this Resolution and all other nine UN Security Council Resolutions that compose the Women, Peace and Security Framework. They are our compass towards gender equality with peace and security.

But, today, we do not need more resolutions. What we need is implementation on the ground. We need it for more inclusive peace and security, and to address the root causes and drivers of conflict, violence and inequalities.

The ongoing global health crisis along with increased cases of violence worldwide targeted against women make it more relevant than ever to protect women’s rights and ensure that men and women are equally represented and heard in all matters related to the response and recovery from the pandemic. Without equal representation our policies and our actions will continue to be ineffective.

Today the images of a Sudanese young woman standing on the top of a car or women leading the opposition in Belarus are symbols of peace, democracy and change. Behind the headlines, there are also Syrian and Yemeni women who work to build peace and reconciliation in their countries. There are women serving under EU and UN flags to provide security and contribute to peace in three continents.

It has become ever more urgent to strengthen our commitment to the Resolution 1325. The most effective way to do this is by working together at multilateral level and responding collectively to the current global challenges.

As EU, we remain fully committed to integrate a gender perspective and ensuring women’s participation and leadership in all peace and security-related contexts, such as in peace processes, in mediation, but also in protection, state building and reconstruction. This includes promoting an increased participation of women in our CSDP missions and operations.

We will continue to implement a stronger and more gender-transformative foreign and security policy – and committed to support gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment around the world. We will engage with all partners to implement the EU Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security.

The UN can always rely on our unwavering commitment jointly with all partners, Member States, organisations and Civil Society – all men, all women, all together.