Video: Canton Sarajevo Prime Minister Edin Forto on air pollution reduction project

“We take nature protection and ecological transformation very seriously. As I have always pointed out, this is not just a financial investment, but an investment in health, sustainability and the future,” said Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister Edin Forto, speaking about air pollution reduction projects in Sarajevo Canton.

The Government of Sarajevo Canton, in cooperation with the European Union and other partners from the international community, is implementing important energy efficiency projects that include:

  • renovation of facades, replacement of dilapidated windows and doors, installation of new lighting in schools, homes, kindergartens, health centers
  • warming of individual buildings
  • switching to heating with more environmentally friendly fuels
  • modernization of public transport
  • greening of public areas in the canton

How much it all contributes to air quality, see below in the video.