EU campaign highlights connections with BiH

Under the slogan ‘Connected through good’ the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina has launched a two-month campaign focused on business and entrepreneurship that will inform the public about available EU programs, how to apply for EU grants as well as present BiH success stories from people who received EU support.

Despite numerous challenges, BiH has huge potential for growth and progress, and this is confirmed by many entrepreneurs who, with the support of the EU, have turned their business ideas into successes. During the pandemic, the European Union provided 50 million euros in grants to ensure entrepreneurs and businesses in BiH receive the necessary financial and professional support.

Our ambition is to support Bosnia and Herzegovina to become a better place to start a business and grow. Our support is not only focused on providing grants, we are also working to bring entrepreneurs, companies and authorities closer. The economy as a whole can only manage future challenges if businesses are resilient,” said Ambassador Johann Sattler, Head of the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative in BiH.

Two workshops in Sarajevo and Mostar for entrepreneurs to find out more about how to start or improve their businesses with EU assistance have already been organised as part ‘Connected through good’. Through workshops, events, podcasts, as well as cooperation with entrepreneurs, farmers, artisans and individuals who have contributed to a more resilient BiH with their business activities, ‘Connected through good’ will demonstrate the potential that is achievable with sound support and proper expertise.

The campaign can be followed on EU Delegation BiH social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. A campaign video ‘Connected’, which will be broadcast on television screens and online as of today, can be viewed here.

More information about the campaign ‘Connected through good’ and EU funding opportunities at