EU launches campaign to encourage higher voter turnout in the upcoming BiH elections

Today, the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina launched a campaign entitled “Everything starts with a choice” aiming to encourage and motivate citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to exercise their democratic rights by taking part in the upcoming elections and casting their votes.

The campaign opened with street actions called ‘Choosing is Easy’ in front of the BBI Center in Sarajevo, in Petar Kočić Park in Banja Luka and at the Mepas Mall in Mostar. Passers-by in all three cities were invited to enter a prize draw by stepping into a voting booth and making a simple choice, for example between fashion items, travel destinations in BiH or up and coming musicians. By emphasising how easy it is to vote for a simple prize, the action aimed to underline the value of voting for something much more valuable – a stake in the country’s future.

The campaign will also feature testimonials on the importance of going out to vote from prominent BiH citizens, for example basketball star Jusuf Nurkić, as well as other actions designed to engage the public and raise awareness about the value of exercising one’s democratic rights.

Ambassador Johann Sattler, the Head of the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina and EU Special Representative in Bosnia Herzegovina said, “Voting in elections is one of the most important ways that citizens in a democracy can influence their future. The upcoming elections on 2 October will shape the next four years for Bosnia and Herzegovina. What I would say to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina is to be the drivers of the future you want, because everything starts with your choice. Do not miss your chance”.

The campaign will run until the elections and all related information can be found on the page: