EU Allocates BAM 6.5 Million To Support Small Agricultural Holdings In BiH

EU-supported EU4AGRI project launches a new Public Call

On Friday, 16 September, the EU-funded EU4AGRI project launched a Public Call for grants to support investments in the diversification of economic and social activities in rural areas.

Under this Public Call, worth BAM 6.5 million, the European Union will support small agricultural holdings in order to kick-start new economic or social activities that will diversify their sources of income or improve the quality of life in rural areas. Preference will be given to applications that include small farms registered in the register of agricultural holdings, whose income does not exceed BAM 50,000, that is, those that are not registered in the Single Register of Indirect Tax Payers (VAT Register). Beneficiaries under this Public Call will not be required to register a trade/entrepreneurial activity or company.

Also, the Public Call is to support initiatives and activities that contribute to improved employability of youth in rural areas (e.g. business incubators, development hubs, etc.), and boost innovation and competitiveness of rural enterprises (e.g. business innovation centres, business incubators, hubs, etc.). Additionally, activities benefitting employability and position of women in society will be supported through infrastructure support (e.g. kindergartens, support services for the elderly, etc.), and for activities that generally contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in rural areas, including youth (e.g. youth clubs, sports, educational and cultural-artistic facilities, etc.).

Please note a simplified application process for the Public Call and the technical support offered to finetune selected project proposals for financing.

The Call is open from 27 September 2022, while the deadline for applications is 21 November 2022 by 17:00 hrs.

Who is eligible to apply?

Beneficiaries of financial support as part of this public call are agricultural holdings, registered businesses, citizens’ associations, private institutions or companies through applications submitted by local self-government units (municipalities and cities).

Eligible beneficiaries of financial support will submit their funding proposals directly to the local self-government unit in the form of concept note, while the local self-government unit will consolidate all received concept notes and submit them in one single application to EU4AGRI project, through online application submission system, Submitting applications in any other format (e-mail, post, fax, etc.) will not be accepted and applications submitted in this way will be disregarded.

Local self-government units cannot be beneficiaries of financial support.

More information about this Public Call is available on the project’s official website

EU4AGRI is a four-year (2020-2024) project of the European Union worth 20.25 million Euro, aimed to modernise the agri-food sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is implemented and co-financed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in BiH and the Czech Development Agency (CzDA).