EU: Candidate Status – Message of Head of EU Delegation to BiH and EU Special Representative in BiH, Ambassador Johann Sattler

Dear citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina!

I am happy to share joy with you that Bosnia and Herzegovina received the candidate status for EU membership!

United in diversity is the guiding principle and fundamental value of the EU. Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU rest on the same foundations – the principle “united in diversity” is our common value, strength and treasure.

This country is full of energy and talent. Wherever you go in this country, you will find cultural heritage and natural beauty, achievements in arts and sports, innovation and tradition – and most importantly, an unwavering spirit.

Candidate status is our sign that we believe in this country and that we share your hopes for a better future. Stronger protection of human rights, more trust, effective fight against corruption, functional public institutions, stronger economy, better health care and education.

It is an encouragement for all citizens who know that the path to the EU is the path to a better Bosnia and Herzegovina. But it is also a message to political leaders to turn a new page and implement the necessary reforms that will bring good to the citizens and bring Bosnia and Herzegovina closer to the EU.

We know that there are many challenges ahead, but the new political momentum is here. Let’s use it!

We believe in this country. A country that has always been in the heart of Europe!


Ambassador Sattler’s video message:


Video statements after the session of the European Council can be downloaded via this link: