Formation of FBiH authorities – an opportunity not to be missed

The EU Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina welcomes the formation of the new Federation BiH government. After two elections, blockades, and four and a half years of an FBiH government operating with a technical mandate, the newly formed government provides a genuine opportunity for impactful reform. It is not an opportunity that should be missed.

The members of the new FBiH government have a historic responsibility to honour the promises they have made and deliver on overdue EU-integration focused, socio-economic and energy related reforms. The EU now expects office holders to demonstrate leadership and govern competently, accountably and transparently.

Legislative stalemate has left a considerable to-do list. We call on delegates across the political spectrum to support reforms that would enable progress on the path to the EU, as that is a top foreign policy priority of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Citizens expect that longstanding challenges, including corruption, unemployment and brain drain will be urgently addressed. The future of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the country’s path to the EU depend on it. It’s time to get to work and to do it right!