EU Floods Recovery Programme

In the third week of May 2014, Bosnia and Herzegovina experienced its severest floods in the last 120 years. Huge amounts of rainfall of 250 to 300 meters per square meter caused sudden and extreme flooding of several rivers – the Bosna, Drina, Una, Sava, Sana, Vrbas – and their tributaries, as well as landslides. Urban, industrial and rural areas were completely submerged under water, cut off without electricity or communications and roads and transport facilities were damaged. A vast number of houses were destroyed damaged or left underwater, leading to a significant number of displaced households. In sum, the total economic impact of the disaster is estimated to have reached 2.04 Billion EUR or 15% of BiH’s GDP in 2014.

The EU responded immediately by activating the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and 23 Member States mounted relief assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Following the disaster, the European Commission organized and hosted the Donors’ Conference ‘Rebuilding Together’ in order to mobilise support and to collect pledges from donors for the country’s recovery.

On 15 August the European Union launched its EU Floods Recovery Programme for Bosnia and Herzegovina worth 43.52 million Euro, out of which the EU’s contribution is 42.24 million Euro. The Programme aims to rehabilitate 4,000 dwellings for approximately 14,000 people, 100 local roads and bridges, 90 educational institutions (including pre-school facilities), 10 water and sanitation facilities, three municipality buildings, four Centres for social welfare, and four healthcare facilities. The EU Flood Recovery programme is aligned with the Recovery Needs Assessment, which was conducted by domestic authorities with assistance provided by the European Union, the United Nations and the World Bank. The Programme is being implemented through the United Nations Development Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNDP), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) until February 2016.

Rehabilitated Social Welfare Centre in Olovo reopens thanks to funding from EU, Swiss Government and UNICEF

The EU Flood Recovery Programme financed the rehabilitation of the Day Care Centre for Children with Disabilities which is situated inside the Social Welfare Centre...

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Second meeting of the EU Floods Recovery Programme Advisory Panel discusses progress of the floods recovery efforts

The Advisory Panel of the EU Floods Recovery Programme held its second meeting today in Sarajevo to discuss the progress...

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EU Floods Recovery Programme invests 1,6 million EUR to furnish and equip schools and kindergartens damaged by floods

The EU Floods Recovery Programme has invested EUR 1,6 million to provide furniture and equipment to a total of 124 kinde...

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Maglaj and Domaljevac kindergartens reopened their doors thanks to EU post-flood support

The rehabilitation works received substantive financial support from the EU Floods Recovery Programme, in the total amount of approximately 305,0...

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Video story: 28 families in the Alzirac settlement in Samac returned home thanks to the support from the EU Floods Recovery Programme

The Alzirac Settlement in the Samac Municipality was almost completely destroyed in the catastrophic floods in May 2014....

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EU Floods Recovery Programme completes grant payments of nearly 1,5 million euro to 56 flood-affected SMEs in BiH

The total value of the EU investment to the SMEs is EUR 1,472,521 (2,880,000.00 KM), which is expected to result in retention and generation of up to 2,000 jobs across the flood-affected areas in BiH...

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