Transcript of the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

OHR, Vedran Persic

OSCE, Mersiha Causevic

EUPM, Zinaida Ilaria

EUFOR, Frank Cockburn

NATO, Derek Chappell



Vlasic Negotiations 

The Vlasic negotiations are scheduled to go on until 27, with a possibility
of them running into the morning of the 28th. Our expectations are to find a
political solution that adheres to the EU’s three principles. The participants
have agreed not to comment on the outcome of Vlasic talks now – since that would
influence ongoing  talks. 



OSCE Mission to BiH
7th Education Forum successfully completed

Over 500 people from across BiH participated in the 7th Education
Forum this past Saturday, 23 April in


. Building on the
recommendations presented by over 500 participants of the 3 mini-forums held
across the country between 12-15 April students, parents, teachers, education
experts as well as officials from Cantonal, Entity and State government
discussed the future of BiH’s fragmented education system. Those recommendations
are available on our website and will be form the basis for continued
discussions in the future. 

The OSCE’s Mission to BiH recently published report “Raising Debate: Is
BiH living up to its international obligations in the field of education”
provided a good backdrop for the event—with participants seeking to answer some
of the questions the report raises about the state’s capacity to implement
reform internally and ensure respect for commitments in education such as
ensuring an accessible, acceptable and effective education for all citizens.

While positions on how to move forward on this differ, there is general
agreement that the current structure is not working andmore needs to be
done to improve the state of education in BiH. The OSCE Mission to BiH
looks forward to working with students, parents, teachers, education experts and
local authorities in agreeing upon sustainable solutions, but would like
highlight once again that these solutions must be articulated and ultimately
implemented by the citizens of BiH.


to BiH
ceremony honouring the successful completion of COPI project

Representatives from 27 municipalities and non-governmental organisations
throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina will receive Certificates of Recognition for
the successful completion of the OSCE Mission to BiH Citizen Outreach and
Participation Initiative (COPI) project, funded by the British Government,
tomorrow, 27 April 2005, beginning at 1200 hrs, at the UNITIC amphitheatre, Fra
Andjela Zvizdovica 1, Sarajevo.

Ambassador Douglas Davidson, Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH, and Ms. Kate
Knight-Sands, Deputy Head of the British Embassy in


, will deliver opening
remarks, address the project graduates and hand over the certificates.

This project was implemented through six interactive workshops in


, Mostar,



Banja Luka

, involving 27 municipalities throughout BiH. COPI
initiative has led to concrete outcomes in each of the municipalities. This
project has promoted the importance of co-operation between local government and
citizens through the implementation of joint initiatives to bring sustainable
benefits to their communities. It aimed at strengthening democratic governance
through regular and more frequent communication between government and citizens
in the decision-making process.

A particular focus was put on the local levels of government, where political
processes most closely touch the lives of citizens; the environment, youth
participation, improving access to information and promotion of gander equality.



BIH Law enforcement Bodies to strengthen cooperation on missing persons

The Head of the European Union Police Mission, Commissioner Kevin
Carty, met yesterday with ICMP Chairman James Kimsey, Director of FBiH
Police, Mr. Zlatko Miletic, Deputy State Prosecutor, Mr. Vaso Marinkovic,
representative of SIPA, Mr. Andjelko Hrgic and representative of the RS police,
Ms. Dragica Djukic, to discuss resolution of the missing persons issue in Bosnia
and Herzegovina.

The participants discussed on how cooperation between the relevant law
enforcement bodies in BiH and the ICMP can be improved. It was agreed that a
working group be formed that would coordinate signing of a Memorandum of
Understanding. The MoU would serve as a tool for development of professional and
efficient cooperation and exchange of information between the law enforcement
agencies, the ICMP and the Missing Persons Institute of BiH, which will be set
up by the BiH authorities in the near future. 

Commissioner Carty offered EUPM’s assistance in coordinating the set up of
the working group and signing of the memorandum. Mr. Kimsey was pleased with the
end result of the meeting and thanked all participants for making an effort to
take a step forward in creating a sustainable process of resolving the missing
persons issues in BiH..



No statement.



Yesterday NATO conducted search operations at two locations in Pale. Both
properties were owned by Mr. @eljko Maljukan. In our Press Release we stated
that our investigation led to seizure of a quantity of illegal arms and ordnance
for which Mr. Maljukan was arrested by the Republika Srpska Police.

I can now give you more details of that seizure. It consisted of
approximately 10.000 rounds of 7.62 mm armour piercing ammunition, about 8 rifle
grenades, a quantity of mortar rounds, smoke grenades and approximately 3.000
rounds of various ammunition. The investigation is now in the hands of the RS


Following the meeting of the Defence Reform Commission tomorrow, Wednesday 27
April, a special Press Conference will be held. The Press Conference will be
held at the UNITIC Towers, Tower A, on the 19th floor at
hrs. All media are invited. A Press
Release will be issued later today to confirm these arrangements.


Nedim Dervi{begovi}, Reuters: It’s not a proper question but
rather a plea for all of you, especially NATO and EUFOR to try and better
coordinate what is being said to media, cause we had a very very difficult
situation yesterday where two groups of media kept receiving two different sets
of information what you were doing there and still you didn’t say anything about
this operation as to leading to Mladić, while your colleague, you know.  In
situations like this, in stories like this, very sensitive and important, if you
speak on the record at least to coordinate what you are saying, otherwise you
are putting some of us at disadvantage.  This time and others, next
time.  Thank you.

Derek Chappell, NATO: Okay, if I could reply to that. 
I think yesterday we actually coordinated our messages quite well.  Major
Mood, the former spokesman was actually on scene with the military authorities,
with the RS police, at the scene of the raid in Pale.  He was in both
locations, he gave interviews and he gave comments to press that went to the
scene.  I was at the NATO base and I was in telephone contact throughout
the day with Major Mood and with EUFOR.  Our lines were consistent, we gave
information as it developed during the day.  You have to realize that these
operations are fluid.  We performed one operation, which led to a second
operation, which led to a weapon seizure, and as that information developed it
was released to the media, as it was confirmed and as it was appropriate. 
And that was followed up with a press release at the end of the day that
summarized everything we were able to say.  So I take your point about
coordination, but I don’t think yesterday’s is a subject for which we should be
criticized.  There is much speculation in the media about who this man was
and what his linkage was to certain wanted persons.  We did not confirm
that, we never do.  If we do a search we do not link it to an
individual.  That is my reply.

Zdravko Ljubas, DPA: Can you just clarify who was arrested,
because NATO statement said it was Željko Maljukan while the Republika Srpska
police said it was his father Danilo.  So who is in jail now?

Derek Chappell, NATO: The person that was arrested was Mr.
Željko Maljukan.  He was the owner of the business in which a quantity of
illegal weapons and ordinance were discovered.  Those weapons have been
seized and as I said this is now a law enforcement issue, not a NATO issue, and
it is the RS police that will pursue this.

OHR: If there are no more questions, thank you very much for