Transcript of the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

OHR, Mario Brkic

OSCE, Aida Besic

ICTY, Matias Hellman



Commissioner Meassures

The EU Police Mission is operating in

and Herzegovina

 at the invitation of the
Government of Bosnia and


its mandate clearly states that it is here to monitor and inspect the local
police with a view to introducing and upholding the highest
European and international standards. This was the case with General
Vincenzo Coppola’s letter to HNK Police Commissioner Srecko
Glibic.  In calling on Mr Glibic to step down voluntarily, General
Coppola was operating on the basis of the EUPM mandate, which includes promoting
police accountability.

The High Representative/EU Special Representative has full confidence in
General Coppola and strongly supports the action taken by the Head of the EUPM.
This is a professional police matter. It is not a political issue and political
leaders should treat it as such. The HR/EUSR calls upon all to refrain
from attempts to politicise this issue.



UNHCR and OSCE  Advocates For a Permanent
Housing Solution for Roma Families from Butmir Settlement

UNHCR and OSCE welcome the recent initiative of Ministers Zlatko Petrovic,
Minister for Urban Planning and Protection of the Environment, Sarajevo Canton,
andAmer Ćenanović, Mayor of Ilidza Municipality, to improve the living
conditions of the 45 Roma families currently living in dire circumstances at the
Butmir settlement. In a common position statement, the OSCE and UNHCR recall
that a permanent resolution to the housing situation of these families is a
priority, in accordance with the National Roma Strategy and

Bosnia and Herzegovina

’s international obligations to
prevent discrimination of marginalised groups.

The international community has in the past actively advocated the
legalisation of the Butmir settlement or, alternatively, the permanent
allocation of a new site for the families residing there. Such moves would help
to realise their right to adequate housing, security of tenure and improvement
in their standards of living, including access to sanitation, electricity and
water supply.

However, in their common position statement UNHCR and OSCE caution against
any temporary relocation of the Roma families as being contrary to both
international and domestic law, unless a long-term plan is designed to ensure
the sustainable resettlement of the families. This would necessarily include
conferring legal security of tenure and allocation of sufficient resources by
local authorities for development of infrastructure at the relocation site.
Furthermore, the international organisations state that the 45 families at
Butmir have a legitimate claim to tenure based on their well-documented
long-time residency there, which ranges from 12 to 40 years, and that, should
they be relocated, they have an undisputed right to compensation.

UNHCR and OSCE note that under international law, States should take measures
aimed at conferring security of tenure upon households who lack such protection,
in consultation with the affected persons, by granting an occupancy permit or
title to a tract of land for residential use. The Gorica settlement was cited as
a similar example, where the Roma families received full ownership rights to the
constructed units built on undeveloped land transferred from the


to the Municipality

UNHCR and OSCE give their support to the Minister’s proposal to establish a
working group consisting of relevant authorities at State,


and municipal level, as well
as representatives of the Roma community, the international community and
potential donors, which will jointly develop a long-term strategy for the Roma
families residing in the Butmir settlement.

The two international organisations are committed to cooperating with the
local authorities and Roma representatives to find an adequate solution to the
difficult situation of the Roma families at Butmir.



Good morning on behalf of the Tribunal.

The Tribunal’s Appeals Chamber yesterday affirmed the decision to refer the
case against Mitar Rašević and Savo Todović, charged with crimes committed in
Foča KP Dom, to the BiH State Court.

Thus, the Appeals Chamber has once again affirmed that the Court of BiH is
adequately prepared to try casesrelating to very serious allegations of war
crimes and ensure fair trial for the accused.

The Tribunal’s Referral Bench Decision ruled on 8 July
that the case be referred to
Bosnia and
under the terms of Rule
11bis of the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure and Evidence. Following an
appeal from Todović, the Appeals Chamber remitted the case to the Referral Bench
23 February 2006
. On

31 May 2006
, the Referral
Bench Decision re-ordered referral to BiH, and Todović again appealed.

In yesterday’s ruling, the Appeals Chamber dismissed all of Todović grounds
of appeal and affirmed the decision to refer the case to the Court of Bosnia and

The accused must be transferred and the appropriate evidentiary material
handed over to BiH within 30 days.

Rašević and Todović are charged with persecutions, murder, torture,
imprisonment and enslavement committed against Bosnian Muslims and other
non-Serbs imprisoned in the KP Dom in Foča between April 1992 and October 1994.
According to the indictment, Rašević was commander of the KP Dom guards and
Todović and Todović was part of KP Domsćs senior management, including as its
Deputy Commander from April 1992 to August 1993.

Earlier, the Tribunal has rendered a final judgement against Milorad
Krnojelac, KP Dom Commander, and sentenced him to 15 years in prison. He is
currently serving his sentence in Italy.

Together with the case against Rašević and Todović, the Tribunal has to date
referred five cases involving nine accused to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The
Prosecution’s motions to refer the cases against


and Sredoje Lukić, Dragan
Zelenović and Milorad Trbić are pending before the Referral Bench. Here, I have
copies of a fact sheet outlining the status of these motions.

I also have copies of the indictment and the Press Release just issued by the
Tribunal concerning the referal of the case. The Appeals Chamber decision is
currently available only in English.

Thank you for your attention.



Marija Taušan, SRNA:

A question for Matthias – when will Paško Ljubičić be transferred?


The transfer of Paško Ljubičić has for now, that is until further notice,
been delayed. Unfortunately I cannot tell you exactly when he will be
transferred, nor can I tell you the reasons for which his transfer has been

Fedzad Forto, FENA

This is a question for the OSCE since the OSCE is is the coordinator of
education reform in BiH. What is your view on the incidents that occurred
yesterday, on the first day of school, particularly the incident in Zvornik? How
do you comment what happened and the fact that even though for the last three or
four years efforts are being made to unify “Two schools under one roof”, they
nevertheless continue to exist?


Concerning the schools known as “Two schools under one roof” I can only
repeat what we have been saying time and again, for a long time now, and that is
that such schools were envisioned as just a temporary measure that would
encourage refugees and displaced persons to return to their pre-war homes by
enabling their children to attend school in healthier and more appropriate
facilities instead of using houses, cafes or tents as schools, which is what
those who had returned before this measure was introduced had no choice but to

We expected that, over time, the local authorities would  do what they
are obligated and responsible to do, and that is to provide equal educational
opportunities to all citizens, no matter what ethnic group they belong to. The
fact that six years later these governing bodies are still doing whatever they
can in order to separate students, unedr one roof, according to ethnicity is
proof of the continuous failure of the political leaders of this country to act
in accordance with the laws they themselves have passed and in accordance with
the international obligations which they willingly accepted.   


Informaly, I would just like to say that today, here with me is Mr. Armin
Marupa who started working for us yesterday. He will temporarily, for several
months, be working as an assistant and you will be receiving the press releases
from him.