Transcript of the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

OHR, Oleg Milisic

OSCE, Aida Besic

EUFOR, Nicholas Foster



HR/EUSR Meets Minister Kebo on Police Certification

The High Representative and EU Special Representative
(HR/EUSR) Christian Schwarz-Schillingmet yesterday in


with BiH Minister for
Human Rights and Refugees (MHRR) Mirsad Kebo to discuss the status of the issue
of certain police officials denied certification by IPTF.

The HR/EUSR informed Minister Kebo that he is due to address the United
Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Wednesday next week. The HR/EUSR underlined
that he intends to press the UNSC to state its view on addressing issue of
certain police officials denied certification by IPTF.

The HR/EUSR has supported the efforts of the MHRR in its attempts to engage
the UN in resolving this problem since May 2003. Over the past few months, the
MHRR and the OHR/EUSR have provided the UN with additional information on the
decertification issue.

During its mandate, the IPTF conducted a certification process for all police
in BiH. The MHRR and OHR/EUSR have stressed that the UN must take the lead in
addressing outstanding issues.


The OSCE Mission to BiH Presents
the Public Hearings Manual for Parliamentary Committee Consultations

The OSCE Mission to BiH is pleased to present the Public Hearings Manual,
designed by the OSCE for the Parliament, specifically the Committee members and
staff, as well as the civil society actors in order to help conduct public
hearings with the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina .  

Designed for use by State and Entity level parliaments, possibly an asset for
the local government as well, the Manual includes a detailed discussion of the
merits of public hearing; the legislative process; the key components of
hearings; and how to organize a hearing to maximize the benefits of the process
for both the parliament and citizens.

The publication contains input from the parliamentary Advisory Board. It
provides step by step guidance for organizing and conducting a public hearing,
including the preliminary process of evaluating the appropriateness of a

For citizens, specifically citizens’ organizations, the Manual provides hints
and suggestions for opening up the public hearing process and ensuring a
transparent public participation in process.

The Manual is published in three local languages as well as English,
developed as part of a USAID funded programme that supports the State Parliament
and Parliamentary Committees. The OSCE Mission to BiH will use it as a resource
for training civil society leaders in policy development and in participation in
committee public hearings.



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