Remarks by the High Representative and EU Special Representative for BiH, Christian Schwarz-Schilling at the press briefing with Adnan Terzic, Prime Minister of BiH


Press Conference,



, “Europa”
Press Room

Thank you for coming here today. We have had useful discussions both
yesterday and today.

Today, the
Steering Board was joined
by leaders of all political parties represented in the Parliamentary Assembly of
Bosnia and


, as
well as Prime Minister Adnan Terzic and his EU integration team.

More than two months after the 1 October elections, governments at the State
and Federation level are yet to be formed and key reforms have been put on hold
that must be enacted before a Stabilisation and Association Agreement can be
signed with the European Union.

This blockage in the reform process is damaging the country’s prospects for
stability and prosperity. It must be resolved in the coming weeks.

Today, every party leader had the opportunity to present to the
PIC Steering Board his views on the situation
in Bosnia and
and to give his analysis of the
prospects for coalition-building and government formation, as well as the
broader Stabilisation and Association reform agenda.

Political Directors made it clear that they are ready to work with all
parties that are resolved to complete the final stage of the

process and unblock the reform

They also expect rapid progress, particularly on police reform and the first
package of constitutional reform.

Political Directors are also looking to the leaders of

and Herzegovina

to demonstrate that they are able
to rise to the challenge of ownership and take responsibility for the future of
their country.

I intend to provide you with more details of our discussions later this
afternoon. In the meantime, I will hand over to Prime Minister