Transcript of the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

OHR, Chris Bennett

ICTY, Matias Hellman

EUFOR, Achim Winkler



High Representative/EU Special Representative in Rome

The High Representative and EU Special Representative Christian
Schwarz-Schilling is travelling to Rome today for talks with senior Italian
Foreign Ministry officials.

This visit is part of a tour of key capitals ahead of the next meeting of the
Peace Implementation Council (PIC) scheduled for 26 and 27 February.

Discussions tomorrow will focus on the current political situation in Bosnia
and Herzegovina; impediments to the signing of a Stabilisation and Association
Agreement with the European Union, that is police restructuring and PBS reform
in particular; economic reforms and government formation.

The goal is to develop a consolidated position in advance of the February
PIC, at which a final decision will be taken on the closure of the Office of the
High Representative.

The High Representative and EU Special Representative will be sending his
assessment and a recommendation for the OHR’s future to the PIC in mid-February
based on these consultations.

Mr Schwarz-Schilling has argued for a thorough assessment of conditions in
Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider region, not a rubberstamping of the PIC’s
June 2006 decision.

The High Representative and EU Special Representative started his
consultations with PIC members in advance of the February PIC in Berlin. He has
since held meetings in Paris and Brussels. These meetings have shown that PIC
capitals share Mr Schwarz-Schilling’s concerns about the situation with the
result that maintaining Bonn Powers beyond mid-2007 is now a serious option.


Schwarz-Schilling Urges Parliaments To Adopt Imposed HR

The High Representative and EU Special Representative Christian
Schwarz-Schilling has called on all legislative authorities to adopt decisions
imposed by previous High Representatives. This is a part of the process of
developing the concept of domestic ownership for this country’s future.

Legally, all laws imposed the High Representative are in force on a temporary
basis – until adopted by the relevant authorities in the same form.

To put it another way, a decision enacted by the High Representative cannot
be amended, repealed or otherwise altered until the relevant legislative body
adopts it.

Since the laws are already in place, there is nothing to lose by adopting
them. In fact, this is the only way they can be amended.

In his letter, the High Representative encouraged the new parliaments and
assemblies “to adopt these legal acts as soon as possible”.

“By doing so you will send a clear signal to both the international community
and to voters that you are changing the fundamentals of how the local
authorities work in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” he wrote.

You can find the list of Decisions to be adopted by each legislature in the
handouts I have in front of me.



Good morning on behalf of the ICTY. I will be brief as I don’t have any
particular news or announcements today.

I assume that everyone has seen our press release from last Wednesday
regarding Dragan Zelenović’s guilty plea. For those interested I have local
language copies of the plea agreement and the attached factual statement. Dragan
Zelenović personally signed both of these documents.

I’ve also printed out a few copies of our latest weekly update. I’d like to
remind you that my office will be glad to provide journalists with documents
from the list of the latest submissions.

That is all from me, if anyone has questions, I’ll try to answer them.



No statement available.



Journalist #1:

One question for Mr. Bennett. Is it correct that the Peace Implementation
Council (PIC) has brought a decision that the High Representative’s mandate will
be terminated on the 30th of June and that they are not satisfied
with the work he has done so far? 

Chris Bennett, Office of the High Representative:

The PIC has not made any such decision as yet, however Christian
Schwarz-Schilling will give a statement to the media regarding this issue later
on during the day. He will give a statement concerning this issue before he
leaves for Italy today.


Journalist #2:

Will he hold a press conference or just give a statement?

Chris Bennett, Office of the High Representative:

He will only be giving a statement.


Journalist #1:

If no decision has been brought yet, why and regarding what will he be giving
a statement?

Chris Bennett, Office of the High Representative:

He will give a statement regarding these stories. He will clarify the
situation. However, the PIC has not made a decision yet.


Journalist #1:

Has a decision been brought by someone else, if not the PIC?

Chris Bennett, Office of the High Representative:

Actually, you should ask Mr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling this question.


Journalist #2:

When exactly will the High Representative give his statement today?

Chris Bennett, Office of the High Representative:

We will be in contact with the media and will inform them at what time this
will take place.