OHR Statement at the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

HR/EUSR Meets State Court President and BiH Ministers of Defence and Justice


The High Representative and EU Special Representative, Miroslav Lajcak has just finished a meeting with State Court President Meddzida Kreso.

The HR/EUSR thanked the Court President for the close co-operation, which made possible the measures he took last week to limit the possibility for those under investigation to avoid justice.

The HR/EUSR said that strengthening criminal justice system, ICTY cooperation together with a BiH strategy for war crimes cases were priorities for his mandate and that he looked forward to close cooperation with the Court on these issues.

The HR/EUSR underlined the need for greater cooperation between judicial institutions in the region.

The HR/EUSR will also make the regional cooperation point when he meets BiH Justice Minister Barisa Colak later this afternoon.

The HR/EUSR and Minister Colak will discuss the State Prison Project and Police Reform. The HR/EUSR will note that police reform is crucial for BiH as it will lead to effective, state-wide, crime fighting strategies and open the door to EU integration.

This afternoon the HR/EUSR will also meet BiH Defence Minister Selmo Cikotic to discuss BiH’s progress on defence reform. The HR-EUSR will say that the defence property must be resolved as a priority, and that he favours a solution agreed by BiH’s parties.

There will be a short press opportunity at the Ministry of Defence in Bistrik at 15.25 today. Journalists interested in attending should contact the BiH MoD for further details.