Transcript of the International Agencies’ Joint Press Conference

OHR, Mario Brkic

EUFOR, David Fielder





United Nations Security Council

High Representative and EU Special Representative Miroslav Lajčak will address the UN Security Council on Thursday in order to brief it on the current political situation in BiH. In his address, he will stress that one of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s biggest problems is its non-functionality, which became even clearer after the measures he imposed on 19 October. The High Representative and EU Special Representative will stress that there are two options for the future of BiH: escalation of the artificial political crisis, which leads to isolation, or subsiding of the political crisis and moving forward on the European road.

The High Representative and EU Special Representative will report to the Security Council on the security situation in BiH and its economic indicators and he will stress that economic progress and the recovery of Srebrenica as well as encouraging the process of confidence building and cooperation with the ICTY will always remain high on the priority list during his mandate.

Talks between legal experts of RS and OHR

I just want to stress with regard to the current status of talks between the legal experts of the RS and OHR that we are still waiting for an answer from the RS with regard to our text of the legal interpretation that we gave to the RS authorities for consideration last week.



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