HR/EUSR Disappointed at Failure to Adopt Pharmaceuticals Law

The High Representative/EU Special Representative, Christian Schwarz-Schilling, noted with regret that the BiH House of Representatives failed to adopt the Law on Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.

The Law was the only piece of priority legislation listed by the HR/EUSR in his speech to the BiH Parliament 100 days after taking office that until today had a chance of being passed before 1 October elections.

In the event, the substance of the Law and proposed amendments to it were not discussed. Instead, representatives of the SDA and SBiH, as well as the SDP, Pensioners’ Party, HDZ BiH, three independents and a Radical, found a convenient excuse to reject it.

Failure to pass the Law today means that what is still an extremely necessary piece of legislation will be delayed for many months.

“Special interests have prevailed at the expense of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the HR/EUSR said. “This is extremely disappointing.”

The Law is an EU requirement, since it is necessary to create a single economic space in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The vote against the Law is a vote against a single pharmaceutical market and effective State regulation of the manufacturing, import and wholesale of pharmaceuticals.

The BiH pharmaceutical market will remain, at the same time, fragmented and subject to local monopolies, which is detrimental both to the health and the wealth of BiH citizens.

“Two weeks ago, I signaled that this was one piece of legislation that could realistically be passed before the elections,” Mr Schwarz-Schilling said.

“Sadly, I must record that not one of the EU-relevant laws I referred to in my speech to the BiH Parliament has been passed. Voters would do well to think about this as they go to the polls in less than two weeks time.”