Structured dialogue is double opportunity for Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sorensen

Bosnia and Herzegovina should not miss out on the double opportunity offered by the EU-facilitated Structured Dialogue on Justice, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina/EU Special Representative Ambassador Peter Sorensen said today.


Commenting ahead of the second meeting of the Structured Dialogue which will take place on 10 and 11 November in Sarajevo, Ambassador Sorensen said:


“I believe that the Structured Dialogue on Justice will assist Bosnia and Herzegovina to consolidate an independent, effective, efficient and professional judicial system. At the same time, the Dialogue helps the country move further along its path towards the EU. Citizens and people across the political spectrum here can and should welcome these goals. It’s a double opportunity.


“The EU-BiH Structured Dialogue on Justice is carried out in the framework of the Stabilisation and Association Process. It is one of the mechanisms for the revision of legislation and functioning of the institutions in the Enlargement countries.


“I cannot emphasise enough the need for the consistent involvement and dedication of all the stakeholders in the country in this exercise, accompanied by strong coordination, cooperation and a spirit of mutual understanding.


“It’s good news that already following the first round of the process, the authorities have taken a pro-active approach to making progress on several of the recommendations made in June, and we look forward to further discussion on these at the meeting in November.”