Europe Day An Opportunity For Leaders To Reflect

Since the first celebration of Europe Day in 1986, 9 May has became an opportunity for European citizens to mark a belonging to Europe and European values.

For us in BiH, 9 May is an opportunity to reflect upon a year in which we have seen all progress towards European Integration in BiH come to a grinding halt. Over seven months after the elections the state is running on limited temporary financing, the legislative process is on hold there is no prospect of the State level Government and Parliament being formed.

All this clearly points to the need for the European Union to remain firmly engaged in the country and to prevent a deepening of the crisis.

The European Union is rising to these challenges. The EU foreign policy received a major boost with the launch of the European External Action Service – the EEAS – on the 1st of January this year. The service will act as a single platform to project European values and interests in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world.

The EU is striving to ensure security and stability for BiH citizens, and it wants BiH as a member but the country must be able to speak with one voice and move forward with long overdue EU-oriented reforms.

The first step in getting the country back on the road to Euro-Atlantic integration is meaningful negotiations on formation of a State level government. This will be the first priority of the EUSR, Valentin Inzko, in the months ahead.