New Government Needs to Focus on Euro-Atlantic Integration

The High Representative and EU Special Representative (HR/EUSR) Valentin Inzko discussed the current political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina with David Lidington, the UK Minister of State for Europe, in Sarajevo today. The HR/EUSR Inzko outlined that scant progress in forming the state level authorities is having a detrimental effect on BiH citizens.

HR/EUSR Inzko and Minister Lidington agreed on the need for BiH politicians to put the interests of citizens first and get on with forming a State-level government. “The BiH Parliament and Council of Ministers have crucial roles to play if the country is to start addressing the country’s growing economic and social problems”, HR/EUSR Inzko said.  “With every day that passes without a State government focused on Euro-Atlantic Integration, BiH loses time that it does not have.”

HR/EUSR Inzko commended the important role of Great Britain in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, including its role on the OHR’s Peace Implementation Council Steering Board. He welcomed the Foreign Office’s support to him in fulfilling his mandate to ensure the full respect for the Dayton Peace Agreement and to deliver on the 5+2 agenda.