A New Political Chapter

A renewed focus on parliamentary and government business can open a new chapter in BiH politics, High Representative and EU Special Representative Valentin Inzko said in Sarajevo today.

Speaking at a conference organised by the Center for Transatlantic Relations and the America-Bosnia Foundation, the HR/EUSR said the priority now is “to form a government that can focus on ending the economic crisis.”

He said legislation on state aid and census is a priority “so that Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be completely left out of pan-European exercises on statistics gathering and the disbursement of development funds,” and he said building consensus on constitutional change was “a matter of the utmost urgency.”

The HR/EUSR stressed that the OHR remains essential as the ultimate authority on Dayton and as an indispensable mechanism to prevent disputes from bringing government to a standstill. “When the system has been blocked, the OHR has unblocked it,” he said.

He said BiH citizens “right across the political and geographical spectrum” support the 5-plus-2 agenda, which is aimed at promoting Good Government, Investment and Job Creation, Sound Economic Management and greater Security for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“In every part of this country citizens want more jobs and less corruption, better public services and greater personal security,” he concluded. “They want the same rights as EU citizens – and that includes clarity of property rights for a successful and expanding free market, fiscal probity and financial accountability among public servants, and the rule of law as a guarantee against corruption and the unfettered exercise of power.”

The full text of the HR/EUSR’s speech can be accessed at www.ohr.int and www.europa.ba